MØRNING is a digital strategy studio, founded by Lydia Pang (She/Her) and Sam Jackson (He/Him).

Everything we do is guided by intersectional principles.

We identify the strategy through localized research, craft the concept in service of the audience and platform. We empower the creator economy to reclaim their narratives through conscious commissioning.

Our core capabilities:


Deep research and real talk work sessions. We craft distinction and code cultural relevancy into the core of the brand. We solidify the values, narrative and positioning. We give brands a reason to wake up.


Community rooted, platform leveraged, clear opportunities to win across the growing ecosystem. We craft a path forward, macro to micro, partners to platform specifics. We build a solid foundation to have fun with purpose.


The newest iteration of the internet can be an enigma for many brands, we’re experts in navigating this new space with you, from trend reports to roll out strategy and crafting your reason (or not) to be in the metaverse.


On call social insurance in our changing and volatile world, when to speak, when to add value, when to support through actions and know it’s not your moment to talk.

It’s a new day.

And we believe the web can be a powerful tool for good. We have a responsibility to right the wrongs and push culture forward.

Our mission is to leave the world a little less shit than it was yesterday.